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PLAB Exam Overview

Becoming a Doctor in England

The PLAB (Vocational and Linguistic Evaluation Board) test is a two-stage test series administered to medical students and graduates who want to specialize in the UK, to ensure they have the right knowledge and skills. This exam is applied to test the validity of medical education taken outside the European Union in the UK. Physicians who have completed the stages 1 and 2 obtain the right to work after the interviews.

The General Medical Council (National Medical Council) is an independent organization that has a regulatory role for doctors in England. This council works to ensure that physicians have a fair process in the entry to the specialty and subsequent employment processes. The Council also has the authority to intervene at all stages of education to ensure that medical education is delivered to the highest standards.

Before applying for the PLAB exam, you must prove your language proficiency on the GMC.

The PLAB exam is intended to measure the medical English term knowledge of specialists. It consists of two stages; The first stage is the English medical grammar exam and consists of 1,180 multiple-choice clinical questions. It is a written exam that proves that the candidate has a good command of medical terms. The second stage is orally; measures the patient’s communication and practical knowledge on issues such as diagnostic diagnosis. You can apply for a license in the UK by passing both stages.

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About the PLAB-1 Exam

In the PLAB-1 exam, it is done to measure how a doctor should treat a patient. The PLAB-1 exam consists of 180 multiple choice questions and the exam duration is 3 hours. The exam is held not only in the UK but also in many parts of the world. Turkey is one of these countries. This exam is easier than the TUS exam. The difficulty of the exam is the uncertainty of which topics will be revealed.

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PLAB-2 Exam Overview

About the PLAB-2 Exam

PLAB-2 is a practical exam with 15 stations, 3 rest stations. PLAB-2 is held in the city of Manchester. Each station has an expert and a player for the case. In front of these stations, an information and scenario will be written about what awaits you inside. Not only case knowledge but also English proficiency is tested. Your reaction to different accents and your attitude towards the angry patient / patient relative are measured. At least 11 stations and points to pass the exam
You are expected to exceed the average and fulfill both of these conditions.

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MRCP/MRCS/MRCGP, on the other hand, is a diploma consisting of three stages that every doctor who wants to pursue a career in medicine in the UK must submit. When you pass all three exams and have this diploma, the name of the diploma you have is written next to your name, which acts as a kind of quality control. It proves that you are a competent doctor in the field all over the world. The first two exams are written, and the third exam (PACES) is an OSCE-style exam similar to the PLAB 2 exam, but in more detail. If you want to specialize in internal fields, you are expected to pass the MRCP exams when applying for a job, MRCS exams if you want surgery, and MRCGP exams if you want to be a family doctor, i.e. GP. For emergency medicine, MRCEM also started to take exams, but MRCP is also accepted. This diploma will be crucial for your career in the UK.

That’s why you should apply for the first exam while in Turkey and start preparing as soon as possible. Although this exam is much more difficult than PLAB 1, it is easier than TUS. It takes 3-6 months of hard work.

Visa Processes

Coming to the visa issue, you have to make the visa applications carefully, otherwise you may be rejected by the consulate. If you want to take the PLAB exams, you need to select the PLAB exam category and show the application confirmation e-mail among the required documents. You will have a 6-month standard visit visa and with this visa type you can make a clinical attachment, that is, you can be in hospitals as an observer. If you have stated that you will come to the country only for the clinical attachment, it is also necessary to obtain an “offer letter” from the specialist doctor you will go to, stating that you will be a “non paid observer”. Visa applications are finalized in an average of 2 weeks. After you have a GMC registration and receive a job offer, you need to apply for a tier 2 work permit with the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) provided by the hospital’s trust. If you are going to do this from Turkey and there is an average processing time of 8 weeks, but it may take even shorter. This work visa gives you the right to work for 1 year, after each year you have to renew the contract with your workplace and extend your visa. You can extend your visa in the UK. If you complete 5 years, you can apply for permanent residency, and you can apply for citizenship after 1 more year.

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