Working as a Doctor in Germany

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Working as a Doctor in Germany Overview

Gaining German language skills is a crucial part of working in Germany. Here is an overview of the steps that non-German doctors got to follow to figure in German hospitals, clinics, and medical practices.

Step 1: learning the German language
ZERTİFİKAT B2: The certificate for German as a foreign language
In order to be ready to work as a doctor in Germany, you want to prove that you simply have the required language skills. At the time of application, you will need a ZERTİFİKAT B2 (German B2 certificate) from a recognized language school (according to the European Framework of Reference – CEFR).

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Working as a Doctor in Germany Apply Process

Step 2: Submitting the application for the approbation
Doctors then got to arrange for their medical diplomas to be recognized. The first point of contact for this is often the approval authority (‘Approbationsbehörde’) for the Federal State where the doctor would initially wish to work.
As soon as you’ve got the specified documents, you want to send them to the relevant state office by mail. Before you send the documents, however, you ought to check your documents for completeness and check whether you’ve correctly followed the instructions of the relevant government.
Required documents:
1. Degree certificate
2. Transcript certificate
3. police clearance certificate or Certificate of Good Standing called (‘Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung’).

Step 3: passing Kenntnisprüfung
doctors from a 3rd country are found to possess training content that’s not like German standards. these doctors must then pass a Kenntnisprüfung exam in medicine.

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