AMC 1 Course – Online

Preparatory course for the Australian equivalency exam AMC 1

AMC 1 Course Details

Course Duration

3 Mos.

Per Week

3 Day

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AMC 1 Course Details

Our instructor

All our instructors go through a competitive hiring procedure as well as extensive training. well-qualified instructors with the necessary experience and mentoring skills to assist you in reaching your goals


  • Over 110 hours of lectures covering foundational and integrated basic science concepts
  • Creation of Personalized Study Plan
  • Access to exam resource
  • Learn important tips and tricks for tackling AMC 1 question stems
  • Includes e-Qbank with an additional
  • 3000+ PLAB style questions
  • Responsive Feedback After Every Session
  • Full length simulated AMC 1 exam

Continuously mock exams and test

Comprehensive 100+ Question Tutoring Assessment

Obtain a reliable baseline

Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses

Full length simulated AMC 1 exams

AMC 1 Curriculum

More than 400 topics in the subjects listed below are covered in the Exam Preparation Course / Class, which includes lectures, discussion groups, and demonstrations. Which is follow the standard of the AMC CAT MCQ Examination.
• Medicine
• Surgery
• Obstetrics & Gynaecology
• Psychiatry • General Practice
• Medical – Legal
• Emergency
• Paediatrics
• Medico – Legal / Ethical Issues
• Emergency and Biostatistics
• Population health Communication Skills
We offer Live Online and Face to Face classes, and you will have the opportunity to take 2 Major Trial Exams and 4 Mini Trial Exams based on the AMC formal- to give you the most up-to-date experience with the AMC MCQ examination system.

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