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We are with you in the Overseas Medicine Process

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We are with you in the Overseas Medicine Process

With our 10+ years of medical education, health consultancy, sectoral employment experience and international collaborations, doctors’ new job, training, career planning, etc. We enable them to take advantage of opportunities in the fields.

It has become attractive to work abroad for doctors who want to get their specialty certificates abroad, who want to improve their working conditions and who do not want to miss the innovations of the health sector.

We are happy to be with you at every moment of the process with our experienced team in preparing for the USMLE and PLAB exams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for the USMLE exams, you must submit an application through the appropriate registrar. Applications cannot be made during the first 14 days of the year and local holidays. These institutions and the Istanbul Doctors Academy team will support you in the application process so that you do not have any problems.

Application fees start at $975 for medical school students and graduates who will take the exam outside of Canada and the USA. Although it is separate for each stage, there are separate costs for certification, CV verification and mandatory forms. You can contact our team to get information about our discounted preparation courses.

It can be changed free of charge 46 days before the exam. In case of not being able to enter due to weather conditions or justifiable reason on the exam day, it must be reported to the necessary official authorities.

You can take the exam 4 times per step. If you fail all 4 exams, you cannot apply for the steps of the USMLE exams.

You can take the exam 3 times within 12 months. However, 12 months must pass before it can be entered for the 4th time.

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